January 18, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: Select A Very Narrow And Specific Target For Your Drives

how to hit your golf balll straight and farOne of the most significant tips on golf swing is to select a very narrow and specific target from which to define your target line for your drives.

These tips on golf swing also apply to fairway and approach shots.

Most older golf swing instruction emphasized the importance of selecting a very specific target from which to define the target line. Such  instructions then suggested you should locate some marking, such as a discoloration of a blade of grass, a twig or other such item about three feet in front of your ball and, directly on the target line,  to be used as what is termed the intermediate target.

Even though this seems to have been the most popular golf method in aligning the shoulders parallel with the target line in the Palmer-Nicklaus era, I do not observe many golfers using this alignment technique theses days.

What you observe more often nowadays is to select a very narrow and specific target in the distance and simply align the shoulders parallel with the target line without focusing on an intermediate target.

Here is a portion of a recent article about the more modern alignment method:

“Another way to improve your accuracy off the tee is to select something way down the fairway to aim at. This can be a specific tree or other promenent object, and use this as your point of aim or where you want the ball to go. So many golfers just see the entire width of the fairway and play their drive to simply stay within the fairway. For more accuracy you want to actually aim at something in particular, like the tree or any object that narrows down where you are trying to put your drive. This is a very good way to increase your accuracy because even if you do not ‘hit’  the point of aim your ball will still be safely within the confines of the fairway. And always play in a relaxed manner. If you get all tightened up on the tee you might as well stay in the clubhouse and watch TV!” Read more…onlinegolfswingtips.com/golf-swing-tips-for-accuracy/#comment-642.

Whether you simply focus on the selected target itself or some intermediate target, the target should be as specifi and narrow as possible.

Unless you select a very specific and narrow target for your drives, your target becomes about  20 degrees or more of target variance. Typically, if your drive flies more than 10 degrees from the middle of the fairway, you are in the rough to the left or right of the short grass, perhaps in a hazard or out of bounds.

Once you begin to select a more specific and narrow target from which to define your target line, whether for your drives, fairway shots or, for your approach to a green, you will agree that doing so remains one of the best tips on golf swing, ever.

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