January 18, 2018

Golf Swing Tips: Use Swing Thoughts Wisely

how to drive a straight golf ballWhen discussing golf swing tips the question frequently arises: do swing thoughts work?

My take is that very limited swing thoughts do work to improve your golf game and lower your handicap and, are some of the best golf swing tips available.

Nonetheless many instructors question whether swing thoughts really work. They do not necessarily buy in to the idea that it is a good golf technique.

Here is a portion of a recent article on the issue.

“Typ­i­cally when a golfer goes to the dri­ving range to prac­tice or to the course to play a round, he or she has been taught that hav­ing one swing thought to focus on will help them per­form. This by its very nature goes against other tra­di­tional teach­ing that asks the golfer to sim­ply play golf with­out any thoughts. Which approach is the best? ” Read more…geareffectgolf.com/golf/value-in-a-swing-tip/.

I do not subscribe to such swing thoughts as ”keep your left arm straight, take the club here or there during your golf swing, keep your head up during your swing,etc.”

However, I do believe in very limited swing thoughts on which you to focus.

There are three on which I focus to help me hit the golf ball straight, improve my golf swing and lower my golf scores.

1. Keep my left heel planted during the swing.

If you raise your left heel from the surface during your back swing it is very difficult to re-plant it timely in order to maintain balance and tempo during the through swing. It is a simple discipline to keep that left heel planted during the swing. After a while, it becomes almost a subconscious swing thought.

2. Keep a steady head during the back swing.

A steady head in combination with a planted left heel keeps your body weight inside your feet. If you sway your body weight to the outside of your right foot during your back swing, all bets are off in terms of your being able to return the cace of the club properly to th ball at impact. This takes a conscious effort with every swing.

3. Swing the club until your left shoulder firmly touches your chin on your backs swing.

This allows you to make a complete swing. Anything short of a complete back swing will cost you a lot of distance. This also requires a conscious effort with every full swing.

Focus on just these three swing thoughts because they are some of the very best golf swing tips to be found anywhere.

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