January 18, 2018

Golf Swing Instructions: Should Women Adopt A Wider Stance?

golf swing tipSome golf swing instructions suggest that women should adopt a wider stance.

Some say that such golf swing instructions are provided because women can turn their hips more fluidly with a wider stance because the have wider hips than men, all things considered.

Here is a portion of a recent article that endorses such golf swing tips:

“Solid stance is a solid foundation. It is now accepted that women play differently than men when it comes to golf. If you see professional female players at the fairway, you will immediately notice their stance; their legs are more far apart and wider than their shoulders. And most women who do use a wider stance were able to be better in their game and were more comfortable with better balance and wider hip-width rations.” Read more…perfectgolfswingx.com/a-wider-stance-for-women-golfers.

Whether women will be better able tohit the golf ball straighter and farther with a wider stance is debatable. However, I do agree with the article on the point that a wider stance enables a golfer to be better balanced during the golf swing.

Generally speaking, I recommend most golfers should widen their stance to match the inside of the shoulders at the armpits for shorter clubs and widen them incrementally up to the point that the feet are even with the outside of the shoulders for the longest clubs in a set in order to hit the best golf shots.

The one advantage of a narrower stance is that you should be able to turn your hips and shoulders more during your back swing. The disadvantage is that the narrower stance the the more difficult it is to stay balance during a simple golf swing.

Obviously, the more you widen your stance the less your will be able to turn fully on your back swing but the easier it will be  to maintain your balance.

Thus, it becomes a matter of balancing the two extremes.

In terms of the best golf swing instructions on the issue, you should practice with different stance widths until you are comfortable in your ability  to maximize your shoulder turn and hip rotation while staying balance during your golf swing.

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