January 18, 2018

Tips For Golf Swing: Keep Your Grip In Tact At The Top

tips on golf swingOne of the most important tips for golf swing is to keep your grip in tact at the top of your swing.

The reason why this is one of the most significant tips for golf swing is that if you loosen your grip at the top of your swing you will change the alignment of your club face.

You also will change the path of your club face.

For example, if you were to use one of my Locked-In Golf™ Tecniques and locked-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face to enable you to hit the golf ball straight but then, at the top of your back swing, you loosened your grip, you most likely would change both the alignment and path of your club face.

In turn, your downswing would most likely deliver an oblique club face to your ball at impact. Instead of hitting a straight golf shot to your target, the odds are your ball would curve or fly to the right or left of your target.

First of all, you should grip your club so that your right-hand lifeline is squarely and securely docked on your left thumb.

Although some of my Locked-In Golf™ Techniques require you to unlock the right-hand lifeline from your left thumb by at least an inch without completely un-gripping the club and then re-lock the right-hand lifeline on the left thumb to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment, once such procedure is completed you cannot loosen or unlock your right-hand lifeline from your left thumb thereafter.

Most of those who I teach follow this type of golf swing instructions quite well and once the procedure is completed, they do not unlock the lifeline/thumb connection during the remainder of the set up routine.

Unfortunately, some forget that the lifeline/thumb connection must not be unlocked until the golf shot is finished.

Consequently, some inadvertently allow their right-hand lifeline to loosen its connection with the left thumb at the top of the swing and, instead of hitting the golf ball straight, they hit it to the left or right of their target.

When I first began to play the game, a fellow golfer observed that I had formed a habit of loosening my grip at the top of my swing.

I have since that time concentrated on keeping my grip in tact at the top of my golf swing and have not suffered from this malady in a very long time.

If you have formed a habit of loosening your grip at the top of your swing you too should concentrate on keeping your grip in tact during your swing because the above information remains some of the best tips for golf swing of all times.

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